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Green Fries and Bikes

After azrhey and I spending an evening in SketchUp Thursday, we placed some sort of initial order for a custom TV unit Friday. Hopefully, this is going to be quite nice!

After that, we met up with cpirate for some Frite Alors, on Rachel. I don't remember other Frite Alors being as environmentally-aware as that one, where they had bike racks (which look like they were made out of recycled materials) and some anti-car propaganda outside, unbleached disposables, and a number of other small details that I don't remember (it wasn't all, I kept noticing more stuff). That's pretty cool, because it's all stuff that doesn't really make a difference for the customers, it's not forcing customers into making a compromise ("oh, it's good for the planet, so I'll put up with some annoyance"). If every restaurants (or at least, every fast food joints, say) did that, it could potentially make a positive difference, without having to convert anyone to a "religion".

We then biked down to Le Sainte-Elisabeth, to join with gregorama and some of his friends. The place was packed, and cpirate got some "surprise beer", but it's a generally nice place. There's the crazy infinite wall covered with vine in the back, a nice terrasse, good music, and a decent selection of beers. I found it a little bit too crowded, but it was a Friday night, so that's kind of expected, but on any other night, it would be quite fine.

Sunday, cpirate dared to show up at my place, and we headed out on a bike ride, to try to prepare a bit for the Bike Fest stuff. It was a hair under 50 kilometres, going across the Estacade, then out to Ste-Catherine, back along the river to St-Lambert, crossing to Notre-Dame Island at the Victoria Bridge locks. Just the perfect distance in my opinion, for what my legs could take me. azrhey greeted us with roast beef, which was quite welcome!

Dropped by the Burning Mondays, where tygrbabe played me some Sisters of Mercy (I don't even own any!). I'm so special! pdage came with azrhey and I, foosball was played, liberation_now had coffee (and it showed!), we were joined by scjody (with whom I had a rather geeky conversation about the state of the computer industry), and there was beer. Fun was had!

Yesterday, I scored a free Specialized bike pump, courtesy of the Google swag for Bike to Work day (which is tomorrow? Friday? no matter, I'll bike both if I can!). Went to the gym, and despite it being a short visit, I felt unusually quickly beaten, even having to give up on the rower after a while. Didn't even bother noting my visit.


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May. 14th, 2008 09:48 pm (UTC)
The weather has been pretty great the past couple days! Great for biking... It makes me sad that its going to be so cold this weekend.

I really need to get a bike.
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