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On being a (crappy) Mac zealot

caffeinemonkey said, a long time ago, a few things about Mac OS X...

I don't really have much preference between Xft and Mac OS X anti-aliasing, if only that the latter works right away (but this advantage is fading away very quickly).

His comments about playing video, I find a bit strange, because that's one of the first thing I was doing nicely with my Powerbook, playing DivX on the television while doing other stuff on the main screen. Of course, I didn't use Quicktime Player, which wouldn't even play fullscreen and I instantly recognized as useless payware, trying to get you to buy it every other click. I was told VLC was the "plays everything just fine" player for Mac OS X, put it on, and never looked back. And it lets you choose which screen you want it playing in fullscreen mode quite easily. Ok, so there's this funky FrontRow thing, but I'm not at that point just yet.

And like apenwarr, I listen to my music, rather than watch it. But unlike him, I actually uses my laptop to play video, because it's one of the only machine I ever had where it actually worked. I scoff at people wrangling with their Windows video configuration to try and get their TV-out working, where I simply plug it in and it works. Ha!

Also, while I'm a bit annoyed at the slightly out-dated shell environment (hey, at least they're using bash nowadays!), and I won't hang around in it too much, it's a reminder that the world isn't all Linux. Believe it or not, there are still some poor schmucks stuck with Solaris, HP-UX or some other even creepier things, like Windows! *shudder*

I don't use the mouse that much, being more keyboard oriented (I make a poor Mac zealot, at times). When browsing, I keep my left hand on the keyboard anyway, Quake-style, generally to close the current tab quickly, but as a side-effect, I have my thumb on the Command key, so opening in a new tab is quite easy. I actually suspend and resume a lot, as I often use my computer the whole day, a little at a time, when I'm away from power. I love that I can open it and that it comes up quickly enough not to lose my train of thought, so I can look up something, then close it right back.

I use Aquamacs, which can be quite questionable at times, but I manage to do a fair amount of damage with it. I've always tended to use few windows, so the two-layered window management isn't that bad (I actually like that the arrows work, once you go in "alt-tab mode", they don't in most X11 window managers, and I miss it).

Mind you, I have a number of gripes about this stuff, but you know me, I've got gripes about everything. But they're not killers, being minor annoyances at worst (compare this to azrhey's "Linux laptop", Ubuntu Edgy won't use its wireless card, despite it being supported?). It's not a fantastic development machine, I'd still go with a good Linux desktop workstation for that (the Xcode tools are very sweet, on one hand, but man, where's valgrind?), but it's a nice environment for day to day stuffing around. It works, well enough.

Let's say I generally agree with Tim Bray on that, feeling that Ubuntu and friends are breathing very close to the back of their neck!

Update: Of course, speaking evil about Ubuntu caused sfllaw to come out and point out that I'm actually a complete moron when it comes to computers. It's amazing that I'm able to figure out how my pants work. When I come to think of it...