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May. 28th, 2008 (UTC)

For those time critical applications you talk about, usually the C++ compiler will compile the C code to just about the same as the C compiler would have done. What people often forget is that it's not because you're in C++ that you suddenly have to start using classes, templates and exceptions (although if I don't have to implement another bloody linked list in my life, that'd be fine by me!). C++ is very much "pay for what you use", so if you don't use a feature, you don't pay for it.

If your platform doesn't have a C++ compiler, well, that's pretty sad, I suppose. Hmm, their source code is available, due to GCC being GPL... I wonder how hard it would be to wire their code generator to a more capable GCC (consider that GCC translates code to an intermediate language, and that adding targets is separate from adding front-ends)...

Stackless Python is pretty damned sweet, that's for sure. :-)

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