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May. 28th, 2008 (UTC)

I'm not claiming people are reasonable!

What I am claiming, though, is this: if you take a non-trivial C application, rename all the .c to .cc, fix the incompatibilities (if any, things like variables named "class", for example, but by design, there should be very few), and you'll have a ton of warnings that are helpful and will make the program better.

That strategy alone made me look like a genius on a few occasions at the job I had in France, getting me a few "how did you catch that?!?" puzzled looks (oh, the subtlety of confusing two enums of differing types!). ;-)

And the GNOME people are often seen gasping at straws, with things like Python and Mono. I think there's quite a few of their people who know it too, deep down...

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